The length of your training is up to you, but frequently people pursue speech coaching weekly for a few months. Clients commonly work between six and thirty hours, but many come in for a single session or continue training for several years. The choice is always yours, and depends on your base/desired level of proficiency, the amount of work done outside of class, and your affinity for the work. We will always strive to get results as efficiently as we can. read more

Speech training with our associate instructors costs $125 per hour. John West’s intensives start at $4800. For those in financial need, we offer a sliding scale. For more, visit our rates page.

Speech coaching provides instruction in the enhancement of an individual’s speaking voice and communication skills. Speech coaching encompasses work on clarity, tone, projection, breath, presentation skills, public speaking, executive presence, accent modification, preparation technique, impromptu speaking, and media training, among many other areas. read more

If you struggle with clarity, verbal communication, anxiety, thinking on the spot, projecting your voice, conveying authority, or have a speech or presentation coming up, speech coaching can help you improve your oral communication skills and confidence. We train you to own the room and look forward to speaking in front of others!

Of course! Very rarely does a lesson address only one of the services we offer. Techniques used in enhancing the speaking voice, for instance, are usually incorporated into public speaking and accent reduction as well.

In the process of developing a particular skill, a client may realize the benefit of related services. Instructors work with each client to individualize lessons, including anything applicable to the client’s needs.

We offer Skype lessons for those who live outside New York City. These work the same way as in-person lessons, only they are conducted via video conferencing. Many of our out-of-town and international clients have achieved tremendous results via Skype.

Another option is an Intensive training session with John West. If you are able to travel to New York for a week, this immersion into speech coaching over the course of several days maximizes the efficiency of your transformation.

Often yes! We work regularly with companies that are committed to investing in their employees’ improvement. Commonly all it takes is asking a supervisor or HR representative, and we can submit a proposal for their approval.

Not at all. We do not believe in forcing clients to determine in advance the number of lessons they require! Every student is different, and as such, we want to leave the flexibility to determine your needs as you progress. In our experience, students gain a great deal of insight and are so encouraged after their first lesson, they can’t wait to come back! Our instructors attempt to make you as good as you can be as fast as they can each time you come in the door. When you arrive at your desired level of proficiency, you can cease regular training and just come back when you need us!

In the case of Intensive packages with John West, these are pre-determined lengths because of the nature of the training. As John spends several hours per day with clients in intensives, these must be pre-paid for scheduling purposes.

Lessons are booked in hour increments. Most clients choose to do one hour lessons, but you are welcome to do two or even three hours at once if you prefer!

New York Speech Coaching is happy to reschedule lessons for clients, provided an emailed request is submitted 48 hours in advance. Our cancellation policy requires that rescheduling requests or cancellations submitted within 24 hours are subject to the full lesson price. Those submitted in the 48-24 hour window are subject to a $50 per hour fee.

Intensives” are a way to describe the focused, consolidated training that is an option for clients to pursue to see results in less time. Intensive sessions are conducted for 3-6 hours per day over the course of several days. During this time, we maximize efficiency of training by getting dramatic results over the course of 1-2 weeks, as well as equip the client with the tools necessary for continued improvement on their own.

Our studios are located on 242 West 38th Street, 11th Floor. We are located near the NQR123ACEBFVD lines.

Yes, for an additional fee we will travel to your home or office to provide lessons. More detailed information can be found on our Rates page.

Both! Speech Coaching is appropriate for anyone seeking to improve their communication skills. Our corporate clients in particular benefit from lessons addressing executive presence and public speaking skills. We offer corporate training in the form of seminars, workshops, and individual coaching.

For performers, we offer a variety of services including voiceover training, dialect coaching, and voice techniques for film and theater. The majority of our instructors are trained actors themselves and will tailor individual lessons based on any performer’s needs.

We will apply the appropriate vocal and situational exercises to help you achieve goals in your respective field.

The relationship between Speech Coaching and Speech Therapy is comparable to that of a physical trainer and a physical therapist. A speech coach, like a physical trainer, assists an otherwise healthy individual improve and develop skills that may not have flourished naturally, to achieve their desired goals. A speech therapist, as a physical therapist would, works with an individual when something has gone wrong. Speech therapists evaluate and treat people with underlying disorders or pathologies that cause a physical, cognitive, or emotional limitation to their speech or language abilities. Fortunately, we have instructors trained in both areas! If you are unsure which professional is appropriate for your needs, we would be happy to point you in the right direction.

We do not presently accept insurance for any service.

We offer several opportunities for involvement to anyone interested in furthering their Speech Education beyond taking lessons. Our Teacher Training Course is developed for those wishing to develop skills as a speech coach themselves. The internship program is ideal for students in related and unrelated fields to gain hands-on experience with instructors and administrative staff while learning the intricacies of this industry. Work-study positions are also available to those wishing to offset the cost of lessons by direct involvement with the company.

Senior Associates are so called because of their amount of time with New York Speech Coaching. These coaches have had the greatest degree of experience, but all associates are thoroughly trained and eager to help.