Group Classes

New York Speech Coaching provides group classes to those students interested in applying their skills in front of and learning from others. Most participate in our group classes to supplement their private training, but you need not be a current student of New York Speech Coaching in order to attend. Everyone is welcome! In these classes, you will get to hone your speech skills in a supportive, fun environment that gives you valuable experience speaking in front of a group. These classes incorporate concepts from business, improv, theatre, and public speaking training to promote confidence and teamwork.

Our next offering is a Public Speaking group class. This is held Thursday nights from 7-9, January 19th - February 23rd.

Classes are offered throughout the year for many of the services we provide. Some are “one-offs” for areas of interest, and most ongoing classes are for public speaking.

Class size varies depending on discipline, but most classes are limited to 8-12 participants in order to maximize individual attention.

Classes meet weekly and are 2 hours each.

Classes are located either at our studios (150 W. 36th) or nearby Pearl Studios depending on the class, and all information will be provided before the first meeting.

In a way! You have the consistency of speaking in front of a group, as you would with Toastmasters, but critiques are guided by our voice professionals in addition to feedback from other students. The structure is also less formal.

Pricing for the five week class is $595.

If you’re interested in participating in a group class, please contact Alaina at to register.

We ask that participants sign up before a given class begins to ensure continuity of training. If you are interested in participating in a course after it has begun, we would be glad to inform you of the next available opportunity!