Public Speaking

If you’ve ever watched TED talks and thought, “Are they just naturals at this?” you’re not alone. Jerry Seinfeld famously pointed out that public speaking is America’s #1 fear, trumping death at number two, with the now iconic line, “That means you’d rather be in the casket than giving the eulogy!”

Our public speaking training guides individuals through the steps to presenting the best version of themselves. We discuss how to project relaxed enthusiasm, pleasant assertiveness, and grounded vitality. Topics covered range from body work (“What do I do with my hands?!” ”Should I walk around??”) to voice control (“What do I do when my voice starts to quiver?” “How can I project without yelling?”) to alleviating anxiety (“My mind goes blank when I get nervous!” “How can I stop my heart from racing?”) to impromptu speaking (“I’m fine when I know my content in advance, but I hate being put on the spot!”). This is a discipline that is remarkably underserved, and once we illuminate some fundamental principles, people find they are able to implement them and see incredible results even after the first lesson.

Public speaking lessons can cover speaking voice enhancement, body language / gesticulation work, preparation technique, reducing anxiety, mastering verbatim / extemporaneous / impromptu speaking, microphone / podium comfort, media training, and much more. We are able to train you in the skills required to be an effective, dynamic communicator when in front of a group.

At New York Speech Coaching, we offer both private instruction and corporate training. Perhaps you have had a public speaking seminar in the past and found it helpful, but often people require one-on-one attention to feel confident in their presentations and speeches. We blend principles from the theatre, concepts of healthy vocal production, as well as the fundamentals of public speaking to discover your corporate voice. Furthermore, commonly public speaking courses focus on presentation skills regarding how to organize your content in PowerPoint. While we can help with this, our work is not primarily about content, but delivery.

A great deal of success in business is related to one’s ability to express oneself. Sometimes what is lost in speech programs is the ability to find one’s own voice. People may be “well-spoken” and “professional”, yet still struggle to find that extra spark that makes him or her a truly dynamic speaker. Bringing your own personality into your corporate presence is among our top priorities. We balance that with areas that may need attention, so that your public presence is vibrant, friendly, confident, approachable, and trustworthy. By learning to speak clearly in a professional context, you will gain a tremendous amount of credibility.

If you are preparing for a big speech or presentation and would like to practice and get some ideas, this is a great place to do it. We believe in crafting a positive, creative, and professional environment where you can get honest and effective feedback about your public speaking. Our studio is equipped with a lectern and a microphone, as well as sound and camera equipment should we wish to record your work.

One of the biggest mistakes people make with public speaking is ineffective preparation. Many times speakers will “envision” what they want to do with their speeches and then will find the circumstance of that speech jarringly different than their expectations. As a result, their performance - and sometimes career - can suffer.

We will teach you effective methods to prepare and practice for your speeches. Having a game plan and a tangible technique to know you are ready for your speech can make an enormous difference in your confidence and performance.

Most people prefer to work on their public speaking at our studio in Midtown Manhattan. It is a wonderful environment for building confidence in your corporate presence. However, we absolutely travel to offices to train speakers. If you would prefer that we travel to your office, please contact us to discuss the details.

Confidence is absolutely something that can be learned, as opposed to something that exclusively occurs naturally. We will provide you with a set of experiences and techniques to improve your confidence dramatically. This is done through a commitment-oriented philosophy by way of learning the best ways to prepare, to achieve a healthy perspective, and to master physicalities that support and convey confidence.

“Public speaking skills” are not limited to presentations in front of auditoriums and board rooms. Working on fundamentals of public speaking can help you to alleviate social anxiety and feel more comfortable conversationally, at parties, or meeting new people. The techniques can be applied to a one-on-one meeting with a client just as easily as for a big speech!

We work with clients to enhance their voice, physicality, and impromptu speaking skills (i.e. answering interview questions) for job interviews. Your ability to project comfort, confidence, and relaxed enthusiasm can actually prove more important than your content and competency when competing for a position.

The skill of impromptu speaking is absolutely one that can be acquired and improved. We demonstrate drills that improve the function of the “mind-to-mouth” synapses, and get these firing more quickly. Whether for panels, meetings, or interviews, enhancing one’s ability to speak off-script is a must for corporate advancement.

Try using a teleprompter to prepare for your next big presentation, press event or company-wide speech. We offer in-studio or off-site teleprompter lesson rates.

The prompting doesn’t have to stop there. Take us along to your next event! We have special prompter and coaching package rates. Inquire within for fees.