With John West

Please inquire for availability.

With Senior Instructors

$280 per hour

With Lead Instructors

$180 per hour

With Associate Instructors

$150 * per hour


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projected group size and location to

Group Classes

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about our current group class rates.

If you’d like to add a teleprompter to your session, please inquire.

*As we are committed to accessible training, New York Speech Coaching offers a discounted rate of $100 with an instructor in training. If interested, please inquire.

Please read our cancellation policy to ensure your understanding and comfort with the policy prior to commencing with training.

For more information or to schedule a phone consultation or lesson, please contact Alaina at assistant@NewYorkSpeechCoaching.com or call 646-535-6785.

New York Speech Coaching is currently accepting new students interested in improving their speech. If prior to beginning lessons you wish to ask questions about the training or discuss your concerns with your instructor, we offer a free 15-Minute phone consultation to ensure your comfort level with moving forward.

If you would prefer to go ahead and get started, you can begin by taking a lesson. Your first lesson is the same rate as subsequent ones, but the structure is slightly different. The instructor will perform a series of diagnostic exercises and provide a thorough evaluation. You can discuss and prioritize your needs, then you are able to dive in with some of the exercises to get your speech on the right track.

(242 West 38th Street, 11th Floor)

New York Speech Coaching’s studios are conveniently located on 38th Street between 7th and 8th Avenue. Most of our clients prefer to have their sessions at our studios. However, some situations require that we travel to you or your company. This service is offered at an additional charge and varies on a case-by-case basis depending on travel time and other factors.

New York Speech Coaching practices a 48-hour Cancellation Policy, which is as follows:

Lessons cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours of lesson start-time: Full Lesson Fee
Lessons cancelled or rescheduled within 48 hours of lesson start-time: $50 per Cancellation Fee

All sessions must be cancelled or rescheduled by sending an e-mail to the New York Speech Coaching Assistant at assistant@NewYorkSpeechCoaching.com. Please note that all lesson changes must be verified via email, NOT by phone, in-studio changes, text messages, or by any other method. If you are cancelling or “rescheduling” a lesson (inquiries to reschedule are considered cancellations), the timestamp on the email will be used to determine whether the cancellation was made within the cancellation window. If the assistant is unable to return your email within the cancellation window, please remember that the timestamp of your cancellation email will be used and the assistant will confirm with you as soon as she can.

All sessions cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours of the appointment start-time must be fully compensated. Appointments cancelled or rescheduled with less than 48 hours notice will be charged a $50 per lesson hour fee. Please note that verbally informing your instructor of potential cancellations does not constitute a cancellation. All students must communicate scheduling changes and cancellations to the New York Speech Coaching Assistant who handles all company scheduling.

In an effort to maintain the highest level of training, please note that we can make absolutely no exceptions to this policy. The policy holds in all instances of rescheduling and/or cancelling due to transportation issues, illness, running late, work meetings running over, forgetting the lesson, weather*, etc. Out of fairness to all students and instructors, we respectfully ask that clients do not request we make any exceptions to the cancellation policy.

We can assure you that we hold our instructors to the same policy. Should one of our instructors cancel a lesson within 48 hours of your lesson start time, it will be discounted by the $50 fee. Should the lesson be cancelled within 24 hours of the lesson start time, the next lesson will be free of charge.

What if I’m at the 47 or 23 hour mark?
We understand the “human element” and do not want to seem devoid of compassion! However, after years of efforts to be as accommodating as possible, we have come to realize that “the line has to be drawn somewhere.” Therefore, we hold students and instructors to the same policy out of fairness to all clients, and the timestamp is used across the board to determine one’s cancellation time.

* Storm Provision: Safety of our clients is of course our first priority. We seek to balance that with the common and unpredictable weather during the winter. If public transportation systems are not running in New York City proper (the 5 boroughs) due to the weather, cancellation fees will be waived for both instructor and student. If public transportation systems in New York City proper are running, the cancellation policy will remain in effect. Fees explained in the cancellation policy will only be waived when there is closure of NYC transit due to weather. If New York Transportation is running, but you are in an area where you are concerned about your travel, we suggest pursuing a Skype Lesson instead. This is an excellent compromise during blizzards!

For seminars or in-office corporate training, there is a $500 nonrefundable deposit due upon booking to confirm the selected date. If the deposit is not received by two weeks prior, the date will be released. If given two weeks notice, the deposit can be transferred to a rescheduled date (within two months of the original date) one time. If within two weeks, the date may not be rescheduled. Rescheduling a seminar may only occur once before the deposit is forfeited.

Clients are encouraged to understand this policy on a variety of levels:

  1. It Makes Clients Better
    Clients notice extraordinary improvement and maintain a deep commitment to the lessons when placing a high level of importance on consistent attendance. Understandably, cancellation policies can be difficult and/or frustrating. Nonetheless, the value of committing to your scheduled lessons is paramount in enabling you to reach your speech goals in a timely manner.
  2. It Makes Instructors Better
    Our cancellation policy protects the time, energy, and devotion of hard-working instructors. This benefits clients because instructors are better able to maintain a high level of passion, devotion, and energy for teaching and helping clients achieve their goals. It is courteous to value instructors’ efforts by giving them ample notice for cancellations and compensating their time when you cannot.
  3. It Makes Other Clients Better

We understand that there is no way to predict when you will get sick, and we are aware that there are periods throughout the year where people are prone to sickness/allergies. It may be frustrating to pay for a missed lesson when you physically cannot make it into the studio. However, given the nature of private training, we are unable to make any exceptions. Please understand that our instructors are responsible for paying for the use of the studio space, and must cover this cost even when you do not arrive for your lesson. In order for our instructors to provide a high level of training to all clients, it is essential we hold both clients and instructors to this policy.

Your understanding of the Cancellation Policy is greatly appreciated. New York Speech Coaching makes every effort to provide a fair situation to all students. Please know that we care for and respect each and every client. Enforcement of the cancellation policy is not meant personally; it is part of high-level studies in any leading New York voice or speech studio. We encourage you to view it as such and also to read the thoughts above with our utmost respect to you, your goals, and your individual situation. Thank you again for respecting your instructors by following the Cancellation Policy.

New York Speech Coaching offers a Work-Study option for students who need financial assistance to take lessons.

New York Speech Coaching offers gift certificates in all areas of speech. If your wife has a big presentation to prepare for, treat her to a session so she can nail her speech. If your son is trying to learn an Australian accent for a big audition in a couple of weeks, surprise him with a dialect coaching session. For more information, or to purchase a gift certificate, email Alaina at assistant@newyorkspeechcoaching.com or call 646-535-6785.