What is Speech Coaching?

If you hate the sound of your voice, get nervous before presentations, or want to improve your clarity, you may want to pursue lessons with a speech coach.

Speech coaching provides instruction in the enhancement of an individual’s speaking voice and communication skills. Speech coaching encompasses work on clarity, tone, projection, breath, presentation skills, public speaking, executive presence, accent modification, preparation technique, impromptu speaking, and media training, among many other subdisciplines.

If any of the skills listed are of interest to you, we have every confidence our staff can help.

Speaking voice enhancement involves adjusting the tone, resonance, expressiveness, volume, and clarity of one’s voice. If you don’t like the way your voice sounds, want to be better at projecting, or feel tension after speaking for long periods, this kind of work can be incredibly eye-opening!

Public speaking work helps with fundamentals - what do I do with my hands? how can I speak without um’s? - as well as training to help mitigate anxiety and instill comfort and confidence.

“Accent reduction” could easily be called “accent modification” or “accent acquisition”. With this training, you will learn how to produce a neutral, Standard American Dialect for the purpose of clarity for a predominantly American or multi-lingual audience.

We work with clients to enhance their voice, physicality, and impromptu speaking skills (beneficial for answering interview questions) for job interviews. Your ability to project comfort, confidence, and relaxed enthusiasm can actually prove more vital than your content and competency when competing for a position.

Clients are welcome to bring their presentations in for improvement. We can work with the client on structure and comfort with verbatim, extemporaneous, or impromptu presentations. These can be using PowerPoint, behind a podium, or with no notes at all.

Many people feel nervous before and on dates. They find that their voice tightens and they’re not able to be as witty as they were over text! We help find the confident, sexy, pleasant voice within each student. We work with clients on eradicating anxiety, understanding and demonstrating committed body language, and strategies for humor and thinking on the spot.

We have worked in conjunction with therapists to provide clients who may experience social anxiety or difficulty achieving behavioral norms guidelines for how to achieve the comfort level they seek. Appropriate eye contact, gesticulations, and content are all covered in behavioral coaching.

Whether you are preparing to give a best man speech at your brother’s wedding or will be delivering the State of the Union address, we can help you prepare for the big day. Our coaches specialize in preparation tactics that will put you through “high-altitude” training so that real life feels easy and comfortable by comparison.

The skill of impromptu speaking is absolutely one that can be acquired and improved. We demonstrate drills that improve the function of the “mind-to-mouth” synapses and get these firing more quickly. Whether for panels, meetings, or interviews, enhancing one’s ability to speak off-script is a must for corporate advancement.

Our instructors specialize in helping stand up comedians with their delivery and timing. We also can convey the recipe for specific impressions you may be trying to achieve or work with comedians on making their voices generally more flexible and versatile for impersonations.

If you have been in the VoiceOver industry for a while (voice work for commercials, animation, audio books, etc.) and are looking to brush up, or if you have always wondered whether it might be something you’d be good at, you can schedule a lesson for VoiceOver Training. Our coaches will guide you on how to get started as well as technique for advertising, narration, and animation.

Media Training refers to preparing individuals or groups for print interviews or radio or television appearances. For those with less experience, the “live” aspect of many media appearances can lead to increased anxiety and put one at risk for going blank or compromising flubs. Media training - work on voice, body, and thinking under duress - helps clients to feel confident and self-assured before the big day.

Dialect coaching is training your voice so that you feel comfortable using an accent or dialect other than your own. It is a service primarily sought by actors who need to play a character from a different country or region. Many of our instructors are experienced actors and can help you perfect accents and dialects from around the world.

We work with clients competing in pageants to help them nail the interview portion of the competition! Spontaneous structure, body / voice work, and conditioning thinking under duress will ensure committed, clear answers during interviews.

If your communication difficulty is the result of a physical or cognitive impairment or injury, our on-site speech pathologist can help. While the fields of speech pathology and speech coaching are closely related, some of the differences are explained here.

Our staff can come to your offices to provide on-site seminars or group training to employees that would benefit from speech coaching. read more

An actor’s vocal ability can be critical to their success in the entertainment industry. Actors must be vocally engaging, clear, and excel in the interpretation of various types of writing. Depending on your needs, this could involve work in any of the three major speech coaching areas. Voice Enhancement will help the flexibility and clarity of your voice, Public Speaking work involves practicing the interpretation of text, and Accent Reduction can help you achieve a Standard American dialect necessary for many acting pursuits. Many of our Associates have acted professionally; their credits spanning a wide range from Broadway Musicals, Shakespeare and classical theatre, to television and commercials, as well as VoiceOver acting. We have the experience to help you reach your vocal goals as an actor and entertainer.

New York Speech Coaching offers group classes throughout the year. These include lectures on a variety of topics as well as ongoing public speaking classes so that one can practice in front of a group.

New York Speech Coaching offers recording services for audio (e.g. voiceover demos), video production (e.g. if your firm is seeking to create a video for the opening page of your site), and directing (someone to ensure everyone is in top shape voice / acting-wise for videos or industrials). read more

If you live outside the New York City area, or simply prefer to work from your home or office, we offer all lessons via Skype or FaceTime. read more

New York Speech Coaching is proud to offer Speech Coach Teacher Training & Certification. This training equips any aspiring or experienced speech coach with the tools they need to effectively teach speech lessons. The course includes lectures, observations, personal study, and guided teaching. Graduates of the training will leave prepared to coach clients interested in speaking voice enhancement, public speaking skills, and accent modification. read more

New York Speech Coaching offers an internship for the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. Interns may obtain college credit and will be provided with educational opportunities including private training and lesson observations. A work-study scholarship is also available for those seeking to offset the cost of lessons by direct involvement with the company. read more

New York Speech Coaching’s sister company, New York Vocal Coaching, is pleased to provide New York’s finest singing instruction for students of all ages and interest. Find out more here

Try using a teleprompter to prepare for your next big presentation, press event or company-wide speech. We offer in-studio or off-site teleprompter lesson rates.

The prompting doesn’t have to stop there. Take us along to your next event! We have special prompter and coaching package rates. Inquire within for fees.