Video & Recording Services

New York Speech Coaching offers audio recording, video production, and directing services.

We can work with an engineer to put together audio recordings for a voiceover demo or singing work.

We also can produce many videos you might need. If your firm is looking to create a promotional video, we collaborate with you to get a product that you feel best represents you and your organization. We can also provide our coaches as directors on the day to ensure all goes smoothly.

Your teacher will use audio and video recording during private lessons as a means of helping you improve; that is covered in the cost of your class. If you want to make an audio or video recording for professional use, we will need to schedule not only your coach, but also our engineers. In that case, one would incur their hourly rate as well.

We can provide as many or as few services as you would like - including direction, production, equipment, and editing.

Most of our videos feature the individuals from the company speaking on behalf of their organization. If, however, the nature of your video requires actors, we are happy to provide them for an additional fee.