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“As a professional speaker, someone who relies on his voice for a living, I knew I wanted an exceptional coach. Paul Geiger is an exceptional coach. Not only does he know what I should do to improve my voice, he can explain the theory behind why it works. That kind of expertise is rare, and indispensable. Paul is also professional, he follows up each lesson with an e-mail detailing what we covered during the session along with instructions for my homework. Thanks to Paul, my voice already sounds measurably better than it did before I began lessons. I couldn't recommend Paul and NYSC more highly.”
Professional Speaker

“I recently took a job at a radio station, which required me to present news content on air. I felt I had the basics down but really needed some extra refinement and fine tuning in my voice and pronunciation. Paul was able to identify the areas I needed to improve during our first session. He provided helpful explanations on the oral mechanics of pronunciation and helped me to become more aware of my speaking habits. We discussed professional aspects of the field I was entering, including breathing, understanding of the script and presentation skills. It was all very helpful and enlightening. Paul was very engaging and encouraging. I appreciate his expertise very much and gained much confidence in myself after our meetings.”

“In March 2015, I had my very first lesson at New York Speech Coaching. I felt so comfortable and it was a great experience working with Paul. Normally, I work as a TV-Host/Actress in Munich /Germany, so we started with the Stella Paragraph to learn everything about the perfect pronunciation and the American English. I had such a great time with Paul, he helped me a lot in feeling so much more relaxed in my voice. In December 2015, I will return to New York City to continue my lessons at New York Speech Coaching. I am looking forward working with Paul again :-)!”

“Before working with Paul, I was insecure about my voice and felt like I was fighting with myself to get words out. Over the course of a couple months, he helped me through a systematic process of learning how to articulate sounds, work with my breathing, and relax my voice. I'm now a much more relaxed speaker and like to hear myself speak instead of hating it! Paul's approach focused on helping me see where I was getting stuck and making a series of small adjustments that accumulated over time to totally transform the way I speak”
Founder of Bubble

“I engaged New York Speech Coaching for help with public speaking and had a great experience. Working with Paul Geiger I was provided with an in-depth understanding of the mechanics of how speech works and given specific instruction on how to apply those lessons. Paul was knowledgeable, perceptive, and easy to work with. It really was an enjoyable experience. I highly recommend Paul to anyone looking to improve their public speaking skills.”

“Paul is an intuitive speech teacher and fantastic coach. I had taken speech lessons more than a decade ago and wanted to get back to old form. Tapping into his deep knowledge of articulation, intonation and body language, Paul was able to provide tailored coaching and help me overcome the obstacles that were holding me back. Working with Paul made me realize and unlock my speech potential. I look forward to improving my communication abilities every day.”
Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group

“Incredible, absolutely astounding significance from Paul Geiger when helping find anyone’s true voice. Paul has a very distinct talent for helping a person to talk the best that they may; through breathing, exercises, and techniques which all full fills that voice that you always wanted to wield. Paul and New York Speech Coaching bring a very enthusiastic, convenient, and progressive sense of accomplishment to anyone who wishes to reduce accent, find one’s theatrical voice, clarity, and especially breathing; there’s art and beauty in everything, why not cherish and nurture it, especially your voice. Thank you Paul for influencing me in countless ways, I shall go wield my instrument, and show the world what theatricality is all about!”

“As a business person transitioning into senior leadership positions, I knew that I needed to convey presence and a sense of gravitas in meetings and in presentations. Paul Geiger helped me make quick improvements by pinpointing the root cause of multiple issues such as speaking too quickly and use of filler words. He worked with me on the fundamentals of correct breathing which had amazing results across multiple facets of my communication. Paul provided effective, specific exercises that enabled me to incorporate the changes, and I was excited to observe how my daily interactions had significantly improved after only a few weeks. Above and beyond voice, breath, pace and eye contact, Paul covered the psychological shift in perspective required to feel and exude a sense of comfort and confidence when communicating one-on-one and to large audiences. Working with Paul has helped me comfortably own my leadership roles.”
Executive Director, JP Morgan Chase

“I came to Paul with the goal of improving my diction and pronunciation. I was apprehensive at first, since I've used a speech therapist in the past to no results. However, from the first meeting I could tell Paul's teaching technique was different. From his booming voice to his clear expertise in the subject matter, Paul was able to educate me on how to work around my speech impediments. Following his teachings, I was able to learn, among other things - proper tongue placement, as well as understanding the differing sounds that different letter combinations have. Most importantly, through his classes I've become more confident than I ever was before to speak to people both on the phone and in person - without fear!”

“I have been taking lessons at NYSC for about a year now to improve upon my articulation, voice projection and public speaking skills. From our first lesson together, I have noticed that my speech coach, Paul, has this ability to push me beyond my comfort zone while keeping our lessons light and jovial. Since I have started, I have received numerous compliments from people, including job interviewers and former internship supervisors, on my communication and public speaking ability. He has been instrumental in my development and I highly recommend NYSC to anyone who is interested in improving upon their communication skills.”

“When my elder daughter, a 10th grader then, was nervous about having to recite a poem on stage, I decided to send both of my daughters to Paul. After going through sessions of pronunciation, breathing, pausing, and gesture, they read much slower, sharper, and always with smiles on their faces. Recently, my two daughters were running for positions in school, and they read their speeches calmly, confidently, and stylishly. They will continue to work with Paul during school holidays.”
Mother of two

“I came to Paul with the specific goal of adding inflection to my voice. What I would learn over the next few months was transformational. My initial goal of adding inflection was achieved, however it palled in comparison to everything else I learned. He provided me with the tools to be more relaxed in social settings, increased my confidence, and allowed me to project a confident demeanor. He shed light on what's important in interactions, making it easier to engage people and be persuasive when needed. As a result of my work with Paul, situations I once dreaded I now look forward to - whether it's personal or business related. He's been instrumental in my vocal and personal development and I would recommend him to anyone.”

“Paul Geiger is an amazing voice coach. In three short months I have significantly improved my projection and the quality of my voice. Paul has an uncanny ability to pinpoint what you need to improve, why, and how. I used to have a hard time being heard over loud background noise, not anymore! Paul has and continues to push the boundaries of what I am capable of doing with my voice. Paul is also a fun, caring individual, a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend.”

“I took lessons at NYSC from both John and Paul, and I could not have been more satisfied. I learned a lot about my own voice in the process and I ended lessons feeling a lot more confident in my public speaking and in controlling my breath/voice. The entire staff is friendly and laid-back, you'd almost think you weren't in New York anymore. A little bit about the coaches I worked with:

Paul: Also a great teacher, Paul is laid back and will put you at ease in the lesson. Paul gets results, but I never felt nervous or pressure going into his office. A joy to work with.”

“For many years I have had, on my wish list, the desire to take voice lessons. As an educator and docent at New York City and Newport, Rhode Island historical sites and gardens I was anxious to use the best voice possible in my presentations. Finally, last summer, I decided that it was time to fulfill my wish. After careful research I began my voice lessons with the multi talented Doug Paulson at New York Speech Coaching. I was hesitant at first, but Doug quickly put me at ease with his patience and skill. Before long I was confidently doing all of the exercises in class and independently. Doug was genuinely interested in my progress and where and when I would be using my new skills. Most amazing was that Doug offered to come to my docent presentation and critique my progress! I am so thankful to Doug Paulson and New York Speech Coaching for a wonderful and meaningful experience.”

“I was absolutely astonished at the difference in my voice after working with Doug. Listening to recordings before and after was a complete revelation for me - I couldn't believe how different I sounded!

The tensions and restrictions I was working through before had been replaced with expansion, relaxation and confidence. Working with Doug has hugely benefited not only my skills as an actor, but also my own personal development and growth.”
MA Acting Candidiate
Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

“Doug Paulson zeroed in quickly on a vocal habit that I didn't realize I had until he brought attention to it. That's what we need in our voice teachers. Someone who can see/hear what we can't see/hear. Doug sees/hears what we can't see/hear”
NYC Actor

“Doug Paulson is one of the best voice teachers that I have had in my acting training, and I have had many. He is highly motivating and energizing in his classes and he really helps you to engage with the voice work in an organic and relaxed approach. Big objectives are achieved in an easy and fun environment. He understands the importance of working with your “own voice” and he facilitates the journey through that discovery in a very creative and unique way.”
MA Acting Candidiate
Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

“While I’ve taken voice lessons with a handful of voice coaches with mixed success, Doug at NYSC stands out for his ability to diagnose issues quickly and address them at their core. Doug has translated the comments I’ve heard so frequently over the years like, “relax” or, “be more confident” (What does that even mean?!) into actionable techniques and does so in a way that is engaging and fun. I noticed improvements in my voice and speaking style in only a handful of sessions.”

“My 10 year old has been taking singing lessons for a while when her voice instructor suggested that she should work on her pronunciation. That was when we were lucky enough to find Doug Paulson. Having my daughter work with Doug has not only benefited her singing but her speaking voice has greatly improved as well. As a result, she has become more outgoing and confident. I am very grateful to Doug for doing such a great job teaching my daughter and making her feel very comfortable and motivated to learn from him. His genuinely warm personality, superior knowledge, and professionalism truly make him a pleasure to work with. I could not have found of a better speech coach for my daughter.”

“Doug's intuitive and creative approach to voice and speech coaching is truly inspiring and nothing like anything I've ever experienced before. He has helped me find the full range of my voice as well as master accents in a much more efficient way. His specific metaphorical and yet highly technical adjustments that he gives are nothing short of brilliant. He will try any method to get you to reach your goal in every session and that makes his class feel fun, interesting and very nurturing. A true virtuoso at his craft and an inspirational person to work with. Thank you for being a great mentor Doug!”
NYC Actor

“The staff at New York Speech Coaching are very professional, and Doug Paulson is an exceptional teacher. During my earlier sessions, I was nervous and made several mistakes. Doug was patient with me, and thoroughly went over the material until I grasped the concept. I am very appreciative and grateful for the skills and techniques he has taught me. Doug has helped me become a confident public speaker! ”

“Perceptive, adaptable and hugely skilled - you know you are in safe hands as soon as Doug comes into the room. His voice work with students is effective, imaginative and original, whether leading a technical class or collaborating on a production. He has a great rapport with his students, and always brings warmth and energy to a session, so they're keen to meet his expectations. His depth of knowledge of performance and vocal technique makes him able to quickly identify ways to enable student performers to overcome their blocks.”
Co-Director The Broken Heart
Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

“Doug adeptly and sensitively guided me to a greater awareness and understanding of my habits, and gave me the ability to be loud, take space and be expansive with my voice and body. In short, he gave me the most solid foundation I could have asked for in vocal training.”
MA Acting Candidiate
Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

“I think Brendan is a wonderful coach, he is engaging, articulate, encouraging and listens intently with an acute ear, perhaps that stems from his unique skills as a musician. I had the pleasure to work with him on learning the American accent. In our short amount of time, he helped me enormously and I would highly recommend him.”

“John Armstrong is an absolutely fantastic coach! He'll give you a vocal warmup, exercises to perform, and will record, dissect and work on any issues you may be having. Ask for him, you'll love it!”

“I have been taking John Armstrong's classes for more than a year now and we have been working on neutralizing my accent. All I can say is he is not only an amazing coach but also a very hard-working and kind person who will find the easiest and the most useful ways to work with you to reach your goals. All of his classes are followed with a written feedback and he is always on time. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an accent coach.”

“John Armstrong was very helpful and dedicated to helping me with not only my vocal skills as well as my overall communication skills, which was what I desperately needed. He understood specifically what I need/want to work on and designed exercises to help me address those skills. His method is proven helpful. I became much more aware of how to project my voice, and how to articulate and maintain continuity when speaking.”

“I took 3 months of classes with John Armstrong, and he has helped me tremendously to gain awareness of my voice. John is extremely good at breaking down the different physiological components that make up your speech, and works to build you up from the ground out (from breath control all the way to the mindset of effective speech). I had a blast learning from him, and would recommend anyone looking to increase their confidence in speech to give this place a shot.”

“I went to New York Speech Coaching to improve my voice for both speaking and formal presentations. If you've ever had physical therapy to recover from an injury (in my case, a broken arm) the experience is surprisingly similar. Like PT, it's a lot of work both in-session and after. Also like PT, it takes time.

I took about 20 lessons with John Armstrong over a period of about 6 months. For the first few months, the focus of my lessons was almost exclusively the mechanics of speech (breath, articulation, soft palate manipulation). Later, we added some of the subtleties of emotion and expression.

John Armstrong did an incredible job as an teacher. In our 1-on-1 sessions he did an incredible job triaging what aspects of my voice to work on first and then building a completely personalized and tailored lesson plan. John is also a great guy and very easy to work with.

Today, my presentations are more effective. My jokes are funnier. My voice no longer breaks or trails off at the end of sentences. Speech is vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly complicated. I still don't really understand how speech works, but at New York Speech Coaching, they do.”