New York Speech Coaching Client Testimonials

As a business leader, great communication skills are absolutely key. I was looking for coaching in the area of delivery, specifically voice projection when presenting, as I very often do, to large audiences. I can't begin to thank John West enough for his help, his expertise, and his amazing personality. Working with John I was able to discover the many different ways one can use voice, breathing, and depth. I highly recommend New York Speech Coaching. True professionals who bring the art of vocal coaching to many stages, including the business arena.

Jackie Hernandez

Jackie Hernandez COO Telemundo Communications Group, Inc.

We went to John for help with our public speaking, but working with him gets at so much more than this: he transformed the way we express ourselves in every aspect of our lives.

Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs

Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs Co-Founders Food52

At MediaCom most of the employees have to deal with public presentations or client meetings. For this reason I’ve been leading Storytelling seminars for the past couple of years that include acting techniques and speech coaching. John West’s contribution to the seminar was extremely important helping MediaCom employees achieve tremendous results and become better presenters. John West understood clearly the objectives of this seminar and addressed the needs of our participants with effective and creative coaching. Highly recommended!

Giuseppe De Angelis

Giuseppe De Angelis Producer & Designer MediaCom

I've had great results from the instruction I've received here! I've learned how to make sounds I never imagined I could make, how to improve the quality of my tone, how to come across as more authoritative and more personable, and much more. I really recommend this place, but watch out - don't muscle into my lesson times ;)

Ken B.

Ken B. Goldman-Sachs

Finding John West was one of the best discoveries of my career! I reached out to NY Speech Coaching last February and coordinated with John on content & our team's goals before having him join us for our first NYC sales summit. Within minutes, John won over the room and has left a lasting impression on the team. Since John's first session in 2015, we have welcomed him back twice to teach our global sales team about the importance of voice enhancement, storytelling, speech preparation and much more. John's ability to connect to the audience and immerse himself in their world for a few hours makes him a must-have for all teams looking to strengthen their presentation skills. John has become a friend to the group and we look forward to working with him again in the future.

Jaclyn Demartino

Jaclyn Demartino Waze

Public speaking has always been one of my GREATEST fears – this is not a hyperbole in the slightest. Growing up, I was the student who would fake sick, or actually make myself sick, to avoid speaking in front of the class; and on those rare occasions I couldn’t talk my way out of it, I would end up delivering a presentation completely red in the face, shaking like a leaf, and speaking in a voice that made me sound strangled. It should come as no surprise that I carried this fear with me from the classroom to the office, which resulted in me never having the courage to speak in meetings (even small ones!) and getting passed over for promotions. I started my sessions at New York Speech Coaching hopeful, but skeptical that such a long-standing and deep rooted issue could be overcome, but working with them has been an absolute game changer for me! I went from being the person who ran away from every opportunity to speak, preferring to fake illness rather than stand in front of a room, to a person who confidently contributes in every meeting and practically leaps at any opportunity to speak in front of a group. The amount of co-workers and my leaders who’ve mentioned that they’ve noticed a change in me is both surprising and gratifying. I now speak with confidence and control – and it’s having a huge impact on my life, both professionally and personally.

Katie C. Senior Executive Assistant The Walt Disney Company

New York Speech coaches are pros through and through. Not only do they have an expert's command of public speaking principles, but they also know how to teach. Public speaking requires a lot of vulnerability, and they approached each one of our sessions with professionalism, patience, and personalization. As a result of our work together, I saw my audience ratings increase significantly, and feel more confident than ever presenting any kind of subject matter to any audience, anywhere. I am forever grateful for the valuable tools New York Speech Coaching has equipped me with. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to improve their presentation and public speaking skill set.

Will Bailey USADATA

NYSC's innovative and effective communication techniques have proven to be a winning formula for me. Over the past year, I have increased depth and tone, reduced filler words, learned how to breathe properly, gained confidence in my communication style and even improved body language. Highly recommend---not only will you make great progress in a short amount of time, but you'll also have fun along the way!

Ezra Levine CEO Collectable Technologies, Inc.

Working in financial services, the ability to present and articulate ideas carries a high degree of importance. New York Speech Coaching was able to effectively streamline the process by quickly identifying the issue and recommend a tailored-made solution. After taking the recommended action, within weeks I was able to notice a significant difference in my speech patterns and confidence. In short, New York Speech Coaching provides a comprehensive solution, ranging from breathing to speaking techniques, as well as other initiatives. I would highly recommend the service to anyone who would like to enhance the effectiveness of their speech and presentation skills.

Andre B. Financial Services

The ability to converse, communicate and connect to diverse audiences is critical both as a singer and media consultant. Interestingly, I was always much further along in confidence as a singer than as a speaker. I've presented many times over the course of my media career, but never felt fully natural doing it, the way I did with singing. As both a speech and vocal (singing) coaches, New York Speech Coaching had just the right skill set for me to close the confidence gap. Before working with them, I'd developed a vocal fry in my speech and often stumbled over my words, primarily due to my improper breathing and “urgency pulse” to speak before I was ready. Not only did it affect me as a performer but my presence as a speaker. With their fun and practical exercises and inspiring philosophies, I've grown tremendously as a communicator. Through better pacing, greater commitment to my words and a much-needed shift in perspective, I've moved closer and closer to my fully authentic self, one who can communicate not just through song, but in everyday life.

Maribel Malit Market Research Consultant and Singer

My sessions with New York Speech Coaching have been the most impactful learning experiences of my career. They understood exactly what I wanted to improve in my public speaking and tailor-made lessons that fit both my needs and my learning style. My goal was to become a better and more calm public speaker; they taught me not only that but how to control my outward presence and how I’m perceived in any situation. They have a contagious energy that stems from their genuine belief in the power of what they teach; I always leave sessions truly inspired.

Dylan Kindler

I have felt insecure and embarrassed about my own voice for as long as I can remember, and I missed out on countless social and professional opportunities as a result. I was convinced I simply had a “bad voice”. New York Speech Coaching made me realize that there was nothing wrong with my voice, I just wasn't using it effectively. They taught me simple, powerful techniques to speak more clearly, confidently, and authentically -- using my own voice to its fullest. The changes have been dramatic. At work, among friends, even when delivering speeches, I feel at ease and can focus completely on getting my message across and connecting with the listener. They are fantastic teachers. I only wish I had met them sooner!

Markus Ziegler

When looking for a new job in financial services, my largest obstacle was the ability to speak at a reasonable pace during interviews. New York Speech Coaching taught me how to slow my rate of speech, control my breathing, and improve the tone of my voice. Thanks to my work with them, I was able to communicate my ideas and experience intelligibly and with confidence to land my dream job. I highly recommend speech lessons with New York Speech Coaching to anyone struggling with similar issues.

Elizabeth Center The Johnson Company

Getting a message across in a very effective way was always a target of mine that I didn't know exactly how to address in an optimized way. New York Speech Coaching helped me with structured exercises that go beyond accent reduction, inflection adjustments, urgency pulse management, and other techniques, to further understand and control the main drivers that support the delivery of a clear message. We went through the nuances of American English on a step-by-step basis that really transformed the way I see the role of communication in different aspects. When I started lessons at New York Speech Coaching, I realized the several speech challenges I was facing to get to where I wanted. I was immediately supported by a very customized approach that helped me to demystify and address those issues. This experience at the New York Speech Coaching has been enormously rewarding for me.

Oswaldo Sakai

As an architect, I consider myself a real professional. However, when I first started giving tours for the AIA New York program I was admittedly a real rookie. The subject matter was clear to me and I was delivering accurate material but why was I so exhausted afterward and why was my voice so strained the next day? Most grueling is an almost three hour trip around Manhattan on a boat with about 80 guests. This being New York, home of the stage, screen, and television, I surmised there must be professional help here. I took a leap of faith and signed up with New York Speech Coaching. From day one they turned me into a disciple. Starting with breathing (of course, why didn’t I know that?) then on to highly specific exercises, they helped me grow in confidence, smoother delivery, and needed vocal health. I’ve gone back for refreshers since then as I was so pleased with the experience. That first leap proved to be critical. Today it is so rewarding to hear guests deliver praise for the tour experience with me - and I can enjoy the rest of the day and don’t have to worry about a strained voice the next morning.

Joe L. Architect

I’ve been a student of New York Speech Coaching for half a year now. They are incredibly knowledgeable about public speaking and have provided me with invaluable techniques to improve my accent, tone, and content. They are empathetic, patient, thoughtful, and genuinely care about my progress. I am very pleased with my progress in significantly increasing my interview skills. More importantly, I am more confident throughout. I highly recommend New York Speech Coaching to anyone that wants to improve or sharpen their interview skills and reduce their accent.

Jenn W.

I took some classes in Accent Reduction with New York Speech Coaching. My aim was to get rid of my Italian accent and I really wanted the course to be extremely specific. I didn't want to waste my time with general corrections that I could have found in a book. Therefore, at the very beginning, I asked them to hone in on my mistakes in the pronunciation and help me understand what I did wrong. They were 100% compliant with my request. I got very customized classes and I appreciated their way very much. They were knowledgeable and encouraging and fun to work with! They were always very available to answer my questions and solve my doubts with lots of patience. I found all the teaching effective and purposeful. After only a few classes I became aware of my main mistakes and of the ways I can correct them. Of course, now I need to exercise a lot, but I'm sure I can make it thanks to New York Speech Coaching!

Elisa Verrechia Ph.D. Linguistics, Speech Coach

I began taking lessons at New York Speech Coaching to improve my speech patterns overall, but specifically to correct my lisp. In just a few sessions with them, I have learned how to consistently make the proper “s” sound as well as how to address a number of other concerns that made me feel self-conscious while speaking in both professional settings and casual social interactions. Not only is New York Speech Coaching a wealth of knowledge, but they are extremely kind and supportive?—I can't recommend them enough. I'm looking forward to continuing to work with them to achieve a voice that I feel truly represents me and that I'm even happier with!

Ali K. Sales and Business Development

I’m not an English native speaker and was looking to work on my self-confidence when speaking issues that were impeding me to achieve my professional goals. I wanted something more than just a second language class and public speaking courses sounded interesting, that’s when I came upon New York Speech Coaching! I worked with them over the course of a few months and can honestly say that our time together has improved my speech tremendously. Not only do I feel like I have control over my voice, but I also have a better understanding of how my body and breath work together to produce sound. Every lesson was perfectly tailored to what I wanted to work on and what they thought would help. If you’re hoping to learn in a warm environment and see real results, this is the place for you. New York Speech Coaching provided a safe space to practice and work on my anxiety triggers, identify some bad habits I have when speaking and give me -very easy to follow- directions and exercises to do throughout the week. After 5 sessions I’m very happy with my progress. I feel way more confident and even received positive feedback at work! I’m very excited about the things I will accomplish after a few more sessions and the impact not only on my work but also on my social life.

Ana M. Senior Product Manager

We booked a session with New York Speech Coaching for our Ph.D. students on the job market to help practice their communication and presentation skills. They all felt New York Speech Coaching’s advice and insights were super helpful. We will definitely book them again next year. Highly recommended!

Holger. M Professor of Finance NYU Stern School of Business

New York Speech Coaching delivered a workshop to a group of experienced sports coaches and executives I organized and it was absolutely outstanding! The delivery and personality made them all feel comfortable, while positively challenging their understanding and approach to public speaking, media, and coaching. They provided practical and memorable techniques to improve and left the group feeling more confident and inspired. We couldn’t recommend New York Speech Coaching highly enough and will be back for more sessions!

John M. Founder Momentum Inc, Marketing & Commercial Specialist

I was referred to New York Speech Coaching by a colleague who struggled with giving presentations. Ready to embark on a new career path I was lacking confidence in my own presentation skills, which would be a requirement for my new role. After signing up with New York Speech Coaching it didn't take long for me to start to see the benefits. They not only provided me with the techniques to improve but were also instrumental in building my confidence. There were honestly times I came close to giving up due to frustration but my instructor’s belief in me kept me going. I just recently gave a presentation at work and after a nervous start, I successfully utilized breathing techniques to slow my pace down, recover, and give a great presentation. That wouldn't have been possible without New York Speech Coaching and my GREAT instructor.

Ossie Munroe Security Bloomberg

The quality that all business leaders possess is excellent communication skills. Until now, I struggled to speak publicly and I would avoid giving presentations. This definitely held me back from growing professionally. Recently, my company president asked me to lead a series of workshops at a national sales kickoff event. I immediately contacted New York Speech Coaching for help. They helped me work through the psychological blocks that inhibited me from expressing myself. We practiced vocal drills to find my “voice”. They taught me to speak slowly from my diaphragm, organize my thoughts and synchronize my voice with the ideas I want to express. They even gave me helpful advice on my presentation. I’m happy to report that the survey results from over 300 participants in attendance voted me as “Favorite Speaker” among all presenters! This wouldn’t have been possible without New York Speech Coaching’s help. They rock!

David G. Associate General Counsel - Lawyer

I worked with New York Speech Coaching for several months. I had recently retired from the pharmaceutical industry and was pursuing both Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training certificates. I wanted to work on and improve my vocal tone and pacing to ensure it would help me feel and bring to students a peaceful, grounded feeling. They were very thorough in their approach during our sessions, in their email communications to me including a summary of the “homework”, and in addressing any questions I had between sessions. The work in the vocal coaching sessions was also remarkably complementary to the work I was learning in my Teacher Training programs. Hence it was both rewarding and a lot of fun. Thanks, New York Speech Coaching!

Shira Pharmaceutical Industry – Medical Industry

Working with New York Speech Coaching is the best investment in my professional development I've ever made. In just a few sessions they were able to help me overcome speaking challenges I had struggled with for years. Best of all, They did so by helping me tap into my personal strengths. I'm truly grateful to have worked with New York Speech Coaching, and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their communication skills!

Ankur A

As a group fitness instructor, my voice is one of my biggest tools. Before coming to New York Speech Coaching, though, I was so uncomfortable using it. They helped me break down each piece--from what to say, when to say it and how to say it--in a way that was both manageable and fun. Most of all, our lessons empowered me to coach with confidence. New York Speech Coaching is knowledgeable, supportive, kind and wonderful to work with. I can't recommend them enough!

Marni W

Working with New York Speech Coaching was a great experience. They were very approachable and welcoming. I liked that their approach was not about changing my voice or giving confusing pointers, it was about deconstructing how speaking and the voice actually work. From there I was able to not only understand how I was not effectively using my voice, but how to properly use it. I walked away feeling confident that I could gain control over my voice and use it the way I wanted when I wanted.


I strongly recommend New York Speech Coaching. I took 20 speech sessions! We coordinated the sessions according to what was important to me at the moment. For example, we worked on engaging audiences, speaking clearly and deliberately, and commanding the room through posture and demeanor while presenting data. We also worked on not letting emotion get in the way while communicating in a professional setting. I certainly made noticeable improvements. The lessons and tactics I learned are applicable in every situation at a personal and professional level. Definitely this was time and money well spent! Thank you!!

Yocasta Delgado

I’ve been a student at New York Speech Coaching for a few months so far and I am very pleased with my progress of increasing the clarity of my pronunciation. They are great instructors and they listened carefully to my needs and approached it from different angles. They pointed to multiple pronunciation mistakes I’d been making for years and nobody had ever corrected me before. I highly recommend New York Speech Coaching to anyone who wants to improve their communication skills and gain confidence

Mariya Shilova

Hands down, my favorite thing about New York Speech Coaching is that I can walk in and ask to work on seemingly anything, and my coach knows exactly how to help. The team is extremely knowledgeable and have taught me so much about the mechanics of speech. I strongly recommend NYSC for anyone eager to improve their communication skills in a supportive environment.

Tim Quinn Vice President Edelman

I'm an immigrant with speaking, listening and self-confidence issues. Yet, my job, personal life and career ambitions require me to interact with many people. Voice coaching classes with New York Speech Coaching have been one of the most transformative undertakings of my life. They helped me identify exact areas for improvement and we've been systematically addressing them through in person classes and occasional homework assignments. After each week, I have been noticing improvements: I have to repeat myself less, I get better rapport with people and public speaking has been less terrifying.

Namik Abdulzade Co-Founder and AVP of Engineering Operations BounceX, soon to be Wunderkind

I would highly recommend New York Speech Coaching as executive presence coaches. I connected with them soon after landing a new job that required me to take on a leadership role with clients, internal stakeholders, and junior talent. From our first phone conversation, I was impressed by how well they understood my specific goals and challenges. New York Speech Coaching demonstrated a professional and creative approach to our sessions. They had an agenda for every session, although they were also flexible to change our focus depending on my work needs. They engaged a wide variety of tools to help me craft my executive presence including visualization, breathing exercises, physical movements and real life situation simulations. They were plugged into every minute of our session, they were always spot on in their observations, and their tactical advice and thoughts. They made a significant difference to my professional life. I have been able to leverage our sessions into being a more impactful leader at work with clients, internal stakeholders, and junior talent. While I still have a long journey ahead of me, I am genuinely excited and happy to continue working on my executive presence with New York Speech Coaching.

A.K. Financial Service

Simply put, New York Speech Coaching offers the best service imaginable for the entire spectrum of public speaking, and speech within a business environment. Working with them has been transformative as to how I approach my speech – their excellence lies not only in their deep understanding of the mechanics and psychology of speaking, but also in their unerring ability to be able to understand the individual. They have been able to customize their approach in our work together to effect lasting change in the pathologies of my speech, and I’ll be grateful to them for the rest of my career.

Ed J. Real Estate Development

Finding New York Speech Coaching remains one of the big highlights of my professional and personal life. I came to them seeking a lofty and rather conceptual goal. I wanted to max out my full potential to be a great storyteller and a charming, persuasive communicator not just with my clients and colleagues but also with my husband, family and friends. They are EXPERTS. They know the meticulous science of voice projection, tone, resonance and more and they teach you ways to maximize your full body as a vocal instrument. Additionally, they are holistic in their teachings. They do a fantastic job of marrying your body and mind through breath work, visualizations and warm up exercises. Lastly, what I love about their coaching style is that they preserve your individual personality and character instead of teaching cookie cutter methods.

Hana Hurst Ad Sales Pinterest

Over a few sessions, I went from a nervous wreck to a confident speaker for an international conference and local organization. Our time was incredibly productive, engaging and fun. Not only did New York Speech Coaching help improve my skills, but challenged me to get out of my comfort zone. They taught me great techniques, tips, and tricks, which I use on a daily basis. I am grateful for their guidance and I always look forward to working with them.

Emily C. Medical Resident

I highly recommend New York Speech Coaching! This place is built with a friendly and professional team. The guidance in my learning process was really helpful and thoughtful for my specific needs as a voice over artist. My coach was simply the best I could ask for with a very technical and human approach to the learning process. Don't think twice and take classes with New York Speech Coaching, you will not regret it.

Carola Carstens Professional Voice-Over Actor

I’ve been a student of New York Speech Coaching for almost 2 years now and am very pleased with my progress of significantly increasing the clarity of my pronunciation. More importantly, I have gained tremendous confidence in my ability to capture the attention of clients and peers (which have not gone unnoticed!). Given that it is key to success in my career and everyday life, I highly recommend New York Speech Coaching to anyone that wants to improve or sharpen their communication skills.

Cynthia Z Wells Fargo

I have been taking lessons from New York Speech Coaching for more than a year, both my colleagues and I noticed a big improvement in my regular presentations. Before taking the lessons, I often found it difficult to bridge the gap between my goal and the feedback of my presentations. Sometimes, I would blame it on the complexity of the subject matters. But after many lessons, notes and practices, I learned not only better techniques to present confidently and effectively, but also important tips on how to prepare for a successful meeting. Whether English is your first or second language, the extra lesson time with New York Speech Coaching is well worth it.

Yi Gu Oakhill Advisors