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New York Speech Coaching is the premier studio for speaking voice enhancement, public speaking, accent reduction, corporate team training, and more.

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Speech Coaches, Training, and Workshops

New York Speech Coaching was founded in 2005 with a core belief that anyone can raise their voice to change the world. We work with you in one-on-one and group environments, both in-person or online, to endow you with tools to come across how you want, when you want when speaking and presenting. Our nurturing, inclusive, and welcoming approach gives you physiological, clinical, and mental techniques to turn the pressures of public speaking into the joy of self-expression.

Whether you are seeking to improve your executive presence, improve confidence in your impromptu speaking skills, prepare for an upcoming presentation, feel more at ease in social situations, or finally love listening to a recording of your speaking voice, the coaches at New York Speech Coaching will help you communicate your most authentic self to the world.

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Group Classes

Group Classes

New York Speech Coaching offers group public speaking classes throughout the year. Hone your public speaking skills in a hugely supportive, encouraging, and collaborative environment. Click here for info on our upcoming classes.

Private Coaching

Private Coaching

Private instruction with a speech coach can improve the clarity and sound of your voice, give you the tools to feel less anxious and to present confidently in all environments, modify or reduce your accent, and much more.

Corporate Team Training

Corporate Team Training

Presenting Solutions provides workshops for your employees and executives. Tailor-made programs improve confidence, clarity, and presentation skills. These are designed to encourage team building, enhance storytelling dynamics, elevate phone/video conferencing, and more.

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I highly recommend New York Speech Coaching. True professionals who bring the art of vocal coaching to many stages, including the business arena.

Jackie Hernandez
Jackie Hernandez

COO Telemundo Communications Group, Inc.

I've had great results! I've learned how to come across as more authoritative and more personable, and much more. I really recommend this place, but watch out - don't muscle into my lesson times ;)

Ken B.
Ken B.


As a result of our work together, I saw my audience ratings increase significantly, and feel more confident than ever presenting any kind of subject matter to any audience, anywhere. I am forever grateful for the valuable tools New York Speech Coaching has equipped me with

Will Bailey
Will Bailey


Internationally-Renowned Speech Coaches & Experts

New York Speech Coaching benefits from the leadership of John West, one of the world's most renowned and sought-after speech coaches. Our team includes subject matter experts who bring clinical and practical experience to the services we provide. All of our coaches share our commitment to offering a comprehensive approach to public speaking with an emphasis on improving the health and quality of the speaking voice itself.

Our clients come from leading global organizations such as:

  • United Nations
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Credit Suisse
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Pinterest
  • MediaCom
  • Accenture
  • Barclays
  • Doctors Without Borders
  • Citigroup
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • Google
  • Bloomberg News

Our coaches have appeared in media outlets including:

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Our Philosophy

Many are under the mistaken impression the role of a speech coach is to tell you how you should speak. We at New York Speech Coaching are far more interested in guiding you toward how you would like to speak. How do you want to come across in a room? Authoritative? Friendly? Funny? Confident? Knowledgeable? Kind?

Based on the composite of your values and what’s important to you, we can engage in a dialogue about which of your current behaviors support the feeling and perception of those values, and which ones undermine them.

Craft a Speaking Style to Suit Your Life & Career

Most people find there are circumstances where they feel more aligned, authentic, and comfortable, and there are other situations where something “gets in the way.” That something can be nerves, the size of the audience, the comfort level with the content, the seniority of those in the room, or virtual vs. in-person interactions. We believe that these factors don’t need to negatively impact your performance.

Whether you're communicating to one person or one thousand, the ability to express yourself comfortably and present effectively helps you establish a meaningful connection with your audience.

Using Your Voice to Become a Confident Public Speaker

As your personal speech and confidence coach, we work with you individually or in group class environments, offering tools to present yourself and your ideas naturally and without pretense. We're anti-"fake it til you make it" — our philosophy is that there is nothing artificial about the mindfulness, courage, and willpower it takes to behave in alignment with your values - especially in pressure-filled circumstances or in intimidating environments.

Whether your goal is to prepare for an upcoming presentation, speak with more authority in a business environment, or feel more comfortable in social settings, our training empowers you to embrace these situations instead of fear them. You'll have the tools, and more importantly, the confidence to communicate your authentic self to the world.

Available Speech Coaching Services From Our Team

New York Speech Coaching offers a host of premium services to allow you to receive targeted speech training in the areas that impact your professional and personal life:

  • Public speaking: Work with a speech coach for public speaking that enables you to present the best, most authentic version of yourself.
  • Speaking voice enhancement: Your vocal coach will help you improve your voice and become more comfortable with how it sounds.
  • Accent reduction: Discover how to modify your accent to produce a neutral, standard American dialect.
  • Group classes: These classes cover the fundamentals of presentation skills, impromptu speaking, anxiety reduction, and virtual communication.
  • Executive presence: Develop communication skills to help you project a professional, polished leadership image.
  • Interview skills: Learn how to project confidence, competence and comfort in this essential career situation.
  • Presentation skills: Hone your speaking skills for stage or meeting presentations.
  • Speech preparation: Develop actionable skills for the type of presentation (corporate, best man toast, social group, etc.) you're planning to make.
  • Social & dating: Work with a speech coach who will help you feel less anxious in social situations.
  • Impromptu speaking: Develop the "mind-to-mouth" coordination that enables you to speak off-the-cuff with confidence.
  • Transgender speech: Your speaking voice coach will show you how to speak in a manner that best represents your gender identification.
  • Speech writing: Learn how to craft compelling content that leads to more effective speeches.
  • Internship/work-study: Students can earn college credits by participating in our internship program.
  • Impressions/stand-up comedy: Perfect your comedic delivery and timing and enhance your vocal flexibility.
  • Voiceover & podcast training: Learn effective techniques for recording advertising, animation or voiceover presentations.
  • Media training: Become more confident when engaging in media interviews and appearances.
  • Dialect coaching: This training is ideal for actors and others who need to perfect a specific dialect.
  • Pageant coaching: Become confident during the interview segment of a beauty pageant or similar event.
  • Actors: Learn how to use your voice to enhance acting performances.
  • Audio/visual production: Our recording services help you produce more effective audio and visual presentations.

Types of Lessons

At New York Speech Coaching, you can work with a speech/communication coach in private or participate in group classes.

One-to-One, Private Speech Lessons

Our private coaching is ideal for improving the sound and clarity of your voice, modifying an accent, or overcoming anxiety. Your speech coach will start by gaining an understanding of how you want to present yourself and why. We'll then perform a series of diagnostic exercises to determine what's preventing you from presenting effectively. Next, we'll develop collaborative solutions and create drills and strategies for implementing them effectively. An initial private coaching package typically consists of 12 sessions, although you can elect to receive ongoing coaching if needed.

Group Workshops, Seminars, & Classes

Our group classes enable you to identify a specific objective (improving public speaking, reducing an accent, developing confidence in social settings, etc.) and work with others who share the same goal. A significant benefit of this method is the opportunity to replicate the feeling of speaking and presenting to others.

Speak Freely.

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