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Georgia Speech Coaching offers world-class training in public speaking, accent reduction, speaking voice enhancement, social communication skills, and speech therapy in Savannah, Georgia and internationally.

About Georgia Speech Coaching

Georgia Speech Coaching is a division of New York Speech Coaching run by speech pathologist, Tricia Veldman. For a comprehensive description of services, please visit

Based in Savannah, Tricia provides both speech coaching and speech pathology services throughout the states of Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida.

To work with Tricia, please call (646) 535-6785 or email

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Tricia has helped me to speak with confidence and she made each lesson very fun and exciting. Lesson notes from each session were also very helpful. Tricia is a thoughtful and sweet training coach and a good listener! I highly recommend!

Jinny Kim

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Services Include

Public Speaking

Public Speaking

I’ll help with the practical fundamentals - what do I do with my hands? how can I speak without "um"s? - as well as give you tools to help mitigate anxiety, increase comfort, and build confidence.

Speaking Voice Enhancement

Speaking Voice Enhancement

We'll work to adjust the tone, resonance, expressiveness, volume, and clarity of your voice, helping you sound better and project more powerfully with less tension.

Accent Reduction

Accent Reduction

With guided training, you will work toward achieving a neutral, Standard American Dialect, aiding in clarity for predominantly American or multilingual audiences.

Speech Pathology

Speech Pathology

I provide evaluations and therapy for disorders of articulation, voice, fluency (such as stuttering), language, & social skills, including those resulting from physical or cognitive impairment/injury.

Tricia was simply the best I could ask to coach me with a very technical and human approach to the learning process. Don't think twice and take classes, you will not regret it.

Carola Carstens Professional Voice-Over Actor

About Tricia Veldman

Tricia Veldman is a bilingual speech-language pathologist in Savannah, Georgia. After training and working in New York City, she moved to Georgia to open the southeast division of the company in 2018.

Her clients include lawyers, consultants, entrepreneurs, health coaches, graphic designers, engineers, teachers, and employees of companies including Condé Nast, Reddit, Equinox, the United Nations, Wells Fargo, Disney, NASA, Pepsi, and Gulfstream.

Tricia’s primary goal is to equip others with the confidence to be themselves and feel comfortable in any situation, any conversation, and any presentation. She combines her knowledge of psychology and interpersonal communication to guide clients towards the best-version-of-themselves.

She recognizes that learning styles vary on an individual basis. In a therapeutic setting, Tricia is trained across a variety of speech-language domains. Her more specific interests include voice, fluency, bilingual populations, accent modification, and adolescent social skills training. She uses client-specific interests and talents to achieve effective therapy and coaching.

Tricia holds a Master of Science degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders Bilingual Extension in Italian from Teachers College, Columbia University, and a Bachelor of Health Science from the University of Florida. She completed the New York Speech Coaching Speech Teacher Training program under founder and head instructor, John West, where she also experienced the transformative power of mastering public speaking.

The combination of Tricia’s strong academic foundation, diverse cultural experiences, and empathetic nature has shaped her unique, integrated approach to therapy and coaching. Her passion lies in helping individuals develop the art of communication to promote their own self-expression and personal success.

As a passion project, Tricia co-hosts The Lost Art of Communication podcast. On the show, she discusses and analyzes the evolution of communication in a digital age. Each episode includes actionable steps for listeners to implement in their day to day conversations.

Tricia offre tutti i servizi anche in Italiano

Tricia Veldman
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Tricia taught me the core vocal techniques and how to cultivate discipline to articulate my ideas consistently with confidence. Tricia is empathetic and thoughtful, and she genuinely cares about her clients. After my lessons with Tricia, my vocal tone have become more relaxed and grounded, and I have more control over my voice.

Julie Jung Graphic Designer

I have gained tremendous confidence in my ability to capture the attention of clients and peers (which have not gone unnoticed!). Given that it is key to success in my career and everyday life, I highly recommend Tricia to anyone that wants to improve or sharpen their communication skills.

Cynthia Z., Wells Fargo

It was a delight to attend a group session with Tricia. She has a delightful mastery of her craft. I was impressed with how she engaged and encouraged everyone in the group regardless of their confidence. I have extensive public speaking experience and still left with valuable tips. I strongly recommend her coaching.

Brian Judson, Better Business Brokers

If you have ever gotten sweaty at the thought of speaking in front of a group or admired the composure of TED talk speakers, this class if for you! As a healthcare provider, I interact with people ranging from one-on-one office visits to presentations in front of colleagues. Professionals of every field can benefit from Tricia Veldman’s practical tools to improve confidence and delivery.

Sarah L., Physician Assistant

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I consider myself an average public speaker and didn’t think I needed a introductory public speaking class but I learned so much from Tricia. I recommend Public Speaking 101 with Tricia whatever your public speaking skill and comfort level. I took away some important strategies that I had never considered. I am definitely speaking with more confidence after talking her class.

Elizabeth C., Gulfstream Aerospace

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I learned a lot from this course about myself! I learned a lot about all the non verbal cues as well that I am prone to, that can be off-putting or portray a lack of confidence! Tricia was very helpful and insightful throughout the exercises! I took so many different things back with me after this class that have helped me in my daily life!

Libin Daniel, Gulfstream Aerospace

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I thought I was a pretty good public speaker. I don’t get incredibly nervous and I’ve given a few speeches in the past, sometimes to several hundreds of people. I didn’t know how much I had to learn.

I didn’t realize that Tricia’s workshop would end up influencing how I approach casual conversations, the way I carry myself, and even how I deal with stressful situations. I learned how to present myself in a more confident way. Additionally, I learned some stress management techniques and how to deal with adrenaline. Since I left the workshop, I have a more heightened awareness of my own odd speaking habits that I had no idea I was doing, and I feel that I can more effectively communicate and interact with others.

I highly recommend that anyone who does public speaking, struggles with social insecurity, or engages in conversations with people should try this workshop. It turns out that these are things that most people deal with, and there are real tools that Tricia can teach that allow people to better deal with the struggles of everyday life.

Margot Tucker, Georgia Southern University

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Tricia was awesome! I have a big fear of speaking in public and was a little hesitant to go to the class because I knew I was going to have to speak. After the exercises, my anxiety subsided and I was able to speak clearly and slowly without many filler words. I cant recommend this class enough!

Zack Bowers, Bennett Buildings of Savannah

A low-key but eye-opening experience! Tricia taught me some key ideas that were both easy to digest and relevant to everyone! You will absolutely learn some crucial speech skills through her classes.

Dan Johnson, Hunter Army Airfield

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The public speaking workshop was amazing! It has helped me tremendously. Tricia is engaging and encouraging. I went to yoga teacher training shortly after the workshop and utilized many of the skills I learned during the workshop! I will definitely take another workshop from Tricia in the future!

Kim Wilke