New York Speech Coaching Rates

Our team consists of dedicated voice professionals, speech pathologists, and executive coaches who are prepared to guide individuals and groups toward confident, comfortable, and effective communication. We provide private lessons, group classes, and corporate workshops. We offer Tiered Instructor Pricing so that our services are accessible to those from a variety of economic circumstances.

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How much does a speech coach cost?

Pilot Instructors


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Pilot Instructors are coaches who have experience in speech coaching outside of our organization. Pilot Instructors continue their professional development under our auspices, and during this time, New York Speech Coaching offers a rate of $150 / hr. for sessions with them.

Terms for Study with Pilot Instructors:

  • We will aim for instructor consistency, but in some instances the instructor with whom you are working may change.
  • Our cancellation policy applies to both client and instructor.
  • Sessions may occasionally be passively observed by members of our team.
  • Clients in Pilot Instructors sessions are provided periodic brief survey answers regarding their satisfaction.


New York Speech Coaching is dedicated to providing opportunities for coaching to those who may not otherwise be able to afford our services. A limited number of full, partial, and work-study scholarships are awarded each year based on several factors, including intent, merit, and financial need. If interested, please apply here.

Workshops & Corporate Team Training

For pricing information on our corporate team training, including workshops, please request a quote.

Group Classes

For information about our current group class offerings and rates, visit the Group Classes page.

What Is the Cost to Hire a Public Speaking Coach?

Our private coaching sessions begin at an hourly rate of $150. New York Speech Coaching is committed to making our services accessible to clients around the world by offering instructor tiers to fit varying budgets.

Our team of associate instructors consists of expert speech coaches with flexible scheduling and diverse educational backgrounds. For specialized expertise, you can hire a lead or senior instructor. We also offer scholarship sessions as they're available.

Begin with a free 15-Minute Phone Consultation

New York Speech Coaching is accepting new clients interested in improving their speech. If you wish to ask questions about the training or discuss your speech concerns with your instructor prior to beginning sessions, we offer a free 15-minute phone consultation to ensure your comfort with moving forward.

Scheduling Sessions

If you would prefer to get started immediately you can begin by booking a session. Your first session is the same rate, but the structure is slightly different. The instructor will perform a series of diagnostic exercises and provide a thorough evaluation. After discussing and prioritizing your needs, you are then able to dive in with exercises to get your speech on the right track.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Public Speech Coach

Speech training is a highly personal service, and New York Speech Coaching is committed to making clients feel comfortable embarking on this new experience. To get the most out of your private instruction, corporate training, or group session, it helps to get to know your instructor ahead of time. We offer pre-training 15-minute phone consultations with our instructors so you can choose the right instructor for your purposes.

You can select from our tiers of instructors to find a coach who fits your budget. Upon speaking with them, you can discuss scheduling to ensure your schedules will be a good fit. Ask what services they can offer and about the kinds of exercises they provide to practice outside of your sessions.

With organizational factors out of the way, you can get to know potential instructors on a more personal level. Ask about their background as an instructor. Do they have experience coaching individuals or groups with your particular needs? The New York Speech Coaching team is prepared to help all clients confidently present their authentic selves.

Rates for Corporate Team Training
How much do public speaking workshops cost?

Our corporate team training is provided by Presenting Solutions.

Corporate training will help your staff gain confidence, reduce nerves, and command respect in a professional environment.

Training rates will depend on the size of your company and group and the session's length. Fill out a proposal request form with your information to receive a training proposal from Presenting Solutions within one to two days of your submission.

Gift Certificates for Private and Group Sessions

New York Speech Coaching offers gift certificates in all areas of service. If your significant other has a high-stakes presentation to prepare for, treat them to a session to help them nail their speech. If your child is preparing for job interviews in a couple of weeks, surprise them with a coaching session. You can purchase your gift certificate here. For more information, email us at or call 646-535-6785.

Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy

New York Speech Coaching practices a 48-hour Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy.

Clients are welcome to cancel or reschedule a session with more than 48 hours' notice.

Rescheduling requests within 48 hours are treated as cancellations. Sessions cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours of session start time results in a charge of the full session fee. Sessions cancelled or rescheduled within 48 hours of session start-time results in a charge of $50 fee per hour of cancellation.

Please only commence with training at New York Speech Coaching if you feel completely comfortable with the terms of the cancellation policy. We respectfully ask that you not inquire about exceptions, as we are unable to waive the fee as per our agreement with instructors and in fairness to other clients.

We hold our instructors to the same policy. If an instructor cancels a session within 48 hours, the client will receive a $50 discount on their next session. If an instructor cancels a session within 24 hours, the client will receive their next session free.

Inclement Weather Provision (for in-person sessions): The safety of our students is of course our first priority. We seek to balance that with the common and unpredictable weather during the winter. If public transportation systems are not running in New York City proper (the 5 boroughs) due to the weather, the session will be conducted virtually. If public transportation systems in New York City proper are running, sessions may still remain in person, and the cancellation policy will remain in effect. Fees explained in the cancellation policy will only be waived when there is closure of NYC transit due to weather and virtual sessions are not an option. If New York Transportation is running, but you are in an area where you are concerned about your travel, we suggest pursuing an online session instead. This is an excellent option during blizzards!

Location and Travel Options

New York Speech Coaching
242 West 38th Street, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10018

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All of our services are available virtually. They have proven as effective as in-person training, and many teams prefer remote training. For in-person sessions, New York Speech Coaching’s studios are conveniently located on West 38th Street between 7th and 8th Avenue. Many clients prefer to have their in-person sessions at our studios. However, some situations require that we travel to you or your company. This service is offered at an additional charge and varies on a case-by-case basis depending on travel time and other factors. We have instructors located around the country. If you live outside New York and are interested in in-person training, please contact us for a quote.

Personalized Speech Coaching for Individuals and Groups

New York Speech Coaching and Presenting Solutions are committed to providing professional services to individuals and organizations. To help your employees present their most authentic selves with a bolstered sense of confidence, schedule a consultation with Presenting Solutions today.