What is Speech Coaching?

If you want to improve the clarity and projection of your speech, if you get nervous before speaking in public, or if you don't love the sound of your voice, you should pursue sessions with our speech coaches.

Speech coaching enhances your speaking voice and communication skills. Working towards a speech goal will generally involve an intersection of several subdisciplines, many of which we've listed below. Speech coaching can include work on clarity, tone, projection, breath, presentation skills, public speaking, accent reduction, preparation technique, executive presence, and many other areas.

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Speaking Voice Enhancement

We create a custom program to help you achieve a voice you'll love to hear in-person and on recordings. We'll help you improve the tone, resonance, expressiveness, and volume of your voice in order to achieve effortless, healthy projection.

Public Speaking

We'll help you present the best, most authentic version of yourself when speaking in public. We'll work on projecting relaxed enthusiasm, pleasant assertiveness, and grounded vitality. We cover voice control, body language & hands, managing anxiety, and impromptu speaking.

Group Classes

New York Speech Coaching offers group public speaking classes throughout the year. Hone your public speaking skills in a hugely supportive, encouraging, and collaborative environment. Click here for info on our upcoming virtual sessions.

Accent Reduction

We'll teach you how to produce a Standard American Dialect. You may feel that your accent limits your ability to fully express yourself. Don't think of this as replacing your natural accent; think of it as an additional skill to have in your communication toolbox.

Executive Presence

We will help you project a professional and polished image of leadership in any situation. Executive presence includes work on communication skills and appearance with the goal of exuding credibility, authority, clarity, gravitas, and comfort -- all with the highest levels of discretion and efficiency.

Interview Skills

We'll work with you to enhance your voice, physicality, and impromptu speaking skills for job interviews. Your ability to project comfort, confidence, and competence can show your potential employers the true you, giving you the edge when competing for a position.

Presentation Skills

We'll work with you to hone your public speaking skills for presentations behind a podium, in a meeting, or alone on stage. We also can collaborate with you on the structure and content of your presentation, whether you're using software such as PowerPoint, an outline, or no notes at all.

Preparation for Speech

If you have an important speech approaching--a corporate keynote or a best man toast, for example--we will work with you on actionable skills that are specific to your presentation. Our coaches specialize in preparation tactics that will put you through "high-altitude" training -- so that delivering your speech on the big day feels easy and comfortable by comparison.

Social & Dating Coaching

We'll equip you with skills and techniques to feel more at-ease in social situations and dating. We work on managing anxiety, the sound of your voice, body language, humor, and thinking on the spot. We love to help students find the confident and pleasant person within themselves.

Impromptu Speaking

Impromptu speaking doesn't mean unprepared speech. Impromptu speaking is a skill that can be acquired and improved. We'll provide exercises that get the "mind-to-mouth" synapses firing more efficiently, as well as give you the mental tools to help you map your speech's path as you go. No script necessary!

Transgender Speech

Learn to speak with a voice commensurate with the gender with which you identify.

Internship / Work-study

New York Speech Coaching offers an internship for the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Interns may obtain college credit and will be provided with educational opportunities including private training and lesson observations. A work-study scholarship is also available for those seeking to offset the cost of lessons by direct involvement with the company.

Impressions / Stand Up Comedy

We specialize in helping stand-up comedians with their delivery and timing, including comedic beats, expressiveness, microphone technique, and body language. We can also break down the components of specific impressions you want to achieve, or work on making your voice more flexible and versatile.

Speech Writing

While our skilled speech coaches enable you to master the delivery of your speech, our content specialists help you craft the content. Whether it be a keynote address, a wedding speech, or anything in between, we write the speech — so that you can stay focused on the presentation itself.

Voiceover & Podcast Training

If you’ve worked in the voiceover industry and are looking to brush up on your skills, or if you’ve wondered whether voice work for commercials, animation, or audio books might be something you’d enjoy, our coaches can guide you on techniques for advertising, narration, and animation.

Media Training

We'll prepare you for television, radio, or other media appearances and interviews, live or prerecorded. Media training includes work on voice, body, and thinking under duress to help you feel confident and self-assured before the big day, without the fear of "blanking" or flubbing your message.

Dialect Coaching

We'll help you become fluent in an accent or dialect other than your own. It's primarily sought by actors needing to play a character from a specific country or region. Many of our coaches are professional actors and can help you perfect accents and dialects from around the world.

Pageant Coaching

We'll help you nail the interview portion of the competition! Spontaneous structure, body & voice work, and conditioning for thinking under pressure will ensure committed, clear answers during interviews.

For Actors

We'll work to enhance the flexibility and clarity of your voice, practice interpretation of text, and achieve a Standard American or other dialect or accent. Many of our instructors have enjoyed successful acting careers, and have the experience to help you reach your vocal goals as an entertainer!

Audio/Video Production

We'll collaborate with you on your media production. Our production services include audio recording such as custom PBX prompts or voice-over, video filming & editing for industrials or sales videos, and directing to ensure the talent and presentation matches your high-quality vision.

If your communication difficulty is the result of a physical or cognitive impairment or injury, our on-site speech pathologist can help. While the fields of speech pathology and speech coaching are closely related, some of the differences are explained here.

New York Speech Coaching’s sister company, New York Vocal Coaching, is pleased to provide New York’s finest singing instruction for students of all ages and interest. Find out more here.