Public Speaking Seminars & Classes for Groups

“Once I get going I’m fine, but in the days leading up to speaking in front of people I wish I weren’t so … anxious.”

Most of us are familiar with either a fear of your mind going blank and feeling paralyzed, a tendency to ramble and repeat yourself under pressure, or a concern that you’ll embarrass yourself in front of your peers. Almost all of us feel our heart rate increase when we know we’re about to make ourselves vulnerable to the judgment of others.

It's common to wait until the presentation rolls around and do what we can to “get through it.” We may silently dread weekly meetings and communicating with colleagues, avoid eye contact, and exit with a sigh of relief at not having to say a word. We wish that we could speak up and be the person others look forward to hearing. Group sessions provide a perfect opportunity to practice working through those feelings before the big day.

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Speaking for Today

Speaking for Today is our signature course for public speaking fundamentals. This 4-week class covers the basics of presentation skills, anxiety reduction, and impromptu speaking in a collaborative small group environment. Held via Zoom, the curriculum includes additional strategies for virtual communication while replicating real-world remote meetings. As an added bonus, you'll connect and bond with other students in the class by observing and encouraging one another's progress. This course is ideal for anyone looking to practice speaking in front of an audience while receiving individual feedback.

  • Date & time: Below are the available classes:
    Option One: Thursdays from 5:00-6:30 PM ET (June 2, 9, 16, 23)
    Option Two: Wednesdays from 5-6:30 PM ET (July 6, 13, 20, 27)
  • Length: 4 Weeks
  • Cost: $300

Speaking for Today II

Speaking for Today II is the follow up to our introductory class. This 4-week course covers intermediate public speaking concepts. Where the first course establishes the foundational concepts for successful delivery, SFT 2 examines tools and strategies for making your communication more powerful, engaging, and dynamic. The class also includes extensive impromptu speaking practice, group games, and collaborative exercises to practice virtual meetings, team negotiation, and debate. The culmination of skills will be debuted during the final session, in which each student presents a "Mini TED Talk."

  • Date & time: Wednesdays from 3:30-5:00 PM ET (August 10, 17, 24, 31)
  • Length: 4 Weeks
  • Cost: $300

Improve Your Speaking Confidence Personally and Professionally

New York Speech Coaching offers training options through public speaking classes, group workshops and seminars, and online courses that will increase your comfort and effectiveness when presenting to individuals or groups. Whether your goal is to make compelling business presentations, prepare for an important speech, or feel more comfortable in social situations, our group training and coaching will help you become a more dynamic, entertaining, and confident speaker.

A question we hear regularly is: “These people like Michelle Obama and Steve Jobs who are great orators; is that something you just have to be born with? Can you really learn charisma?”

While a rare few are “just born with it,” public speaking proficiency is a skill that anyone can develop. In fact, it’s likely that many of your favorite speakers have invested in public speaking skills training throughout their careers.

Even effective presenters who look forward to public speaking commonly work with coaches to come across as credible, confident, and natural leaders.

Whether you struggle with mild public speaking anxiety, an outright fear of public speaking, or simply want to improve your skills, the act of speaking in front of a crowd often isn’t done often enough to make progress, or is done without constructive techniques and perspective.

Why Choose a Group Setting?

Group classes are a comfortable environment for stepping outside your comfort zone. A live setting with other people introduces the physical and mental variables you’re likely to confront on the “day of.” In these sessions, you'll develop practical skills that benefit you professionally and personally for the rest of your career — and you can do it alongside supportive individuals who are here for exactly the same reason.

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Classes for Business, Teams, and Groups of All Kinds

At New York Speech Coaching, you'll find a speech class for groups of all types and sizes. Many corporations send teams of executives or employees to our experts to improve their presentation and leadership skills and make them more valuable assets to the organization. We also work with units that must function harmoniously to achieve a desired outcome. This type of public speaking training for employees focuses on developing communication skills that foster a more collaborative work environment.

One significant benefit of our training for any group is the interaction with the instructor and one another. Group members can receive constructive feedback from their peers in a supportive, non-judgmental setting. You also have the advantage of learning by doing as well as watching others. And there's no better way to replicate the feeling of being in front of people than by participating in a public speaking practice group before making a "live" presentation.

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What Is Taught During a Group Course?

Our group workshops cover the fundamentals to become an effective, confident speaker and find a voice that feels authentic and accessible. Key concepts in this training include presentation skills, impromptu speaking, and anxiety reduction. We've adapted the courses to include additional strategies for virtual communication. The instructor will guide the group through the syllabus while working with participants to increase comfort and improve performance in each of these areas.

In each class, we identify specific goals based on established curriculum and the the participants' unique needs and interests.

Topic examples include an introduction to public speaking, advanced presentation skills, executive presence coaching, and voice for dating and social situations. The instructor will tailor the public speaking training to ensure the course content achieves the group's unique objective.

Presentation Skills

Many participants enroll in our group speaking courses to improve their presentation skills. During your training, we'll work with you to enhance your performance when presenting from a stage, virtually on a screen, behind a podium, or in a high-stakes pitch or business meeting. You'll learn how to project yourself with confidence and become more comfortable with the sound of your voice. You'll also understand the role of using body language to your advantage - both virtually and in person.

This aspect of the course is ideal for anyone who needs help preparing the structure and content of a presentation. For instance, if you're using PowerPoint or other presentation software, you'll learn how to hold the attention of your audience while using these tools in a way that supports your delivery.

Anxiety Reduction

It's in our DNA to feel nervous before and during a speech - even if it’s something as small as introducing ourselves. But that anxiety doesn't have to be debilitating or prevent you from making an effective presentation. Our courses to improve speaking confidence will help you feel more at ease. We'll teach relaxation techniques to clear your mind and mitigate the intrusiveness of negative thoughts and feelings.

A valuable advantage of completing this training in a group is the opportunity to practice in front of other participants. You'll get used to what it feels like to speak in front of an audience. You'll likely discover that, with each repetition, you'll become more comfortable and confident. As with any skill, anxiety fades with increased competence.

Impromptu Speaking

Talking "off the cuff" can be challenging for even the most accomplished speakers. We provide templates and techniques that virtually all our clients can master, making impromptu speaking something to look forward to - regardless of your comfort with the content. Our speech communication training for groups includes a series of exercises that make it easier to think on your feet and transfer those thoughts into compelling spoken words.

This training helps alleviate concerns about being called upon in a meeting to make an impromptu presentation. You'll acquire the mental tools you need to map the path of your response — without prepared notes or reference materials.

Internationally-Renowned Instructors

New York Speech Coaching offers a comprehensive approach to effective speaking. We're one of the few public speaking firms that provides access to specialists in improving the quality and health of the public speaking voice itself. John West, who co-founded our organization in 2005, has established himself as one of the most sought-after speech coaches in the world. Our award-winning team of instructors trained by him brings an array of targeted expertise to the coaching process.

All of our speech coaches and team members strive to fulfill the New York Speech Coaching mission of providing expert instruction to anyone seeking to develop the skills needed to express themselves authentically. We aim to empower the world to celebrate speaking opportunities — not fear them.

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