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While our skilled speech coaches enable you to master the delivery of your speech, our content specialists help you craft the speech itself. Whether it be a keynote address, a wedding speech, or anything in between, we write as much as you need of the speech — so that you can stay focused on the presentation itself.

Speech Writing

Speech Writing Services

New York Speech Coaching offers Speech Writing services. Our content specialists work with you to maximize the impact of your message. They explore structure, verbiage, deck preparation, chronology, and help with storytelling, humor, and visuals. 

Rest assured that our speech writers work to understand your style to ensure that your voice shines through the material. We create a collaborative environment that results in an authentic speech you can deliver confidently using your own voice. 

Experienced Speechwriters

Our speechwriters have extensive experience working with a wide range of speakers and organizations, including politicians, CEOs, non-profit leaders, television companies, and more. Combine our speech writing expertise with our speech coaches to deliver a powerful message in any situation:

  • Business - Create a strong message for your clients, staff, or stakeholders by delivering a thought-provoking keynote address or presentation. New York Speech Coaching has experience across multiple industries.
  • Nonprofits - Your voice can change the world. Let your speech accurately reflect your passion and drive for the cause. Speak to your audience with clarity and confidence. 
  • Media - Stand out from the competition by delivering a speech that engages and informs. New York Speech Coaching works with media figures to improve the quality of their communication.
  • Political - Speak to constituents and donors in small or large venues with confidence in your material. New York Speech Coaching has worked with politicians and groups at the federal and local levels.
  • Personal - Speak from the heart with an authentic voice and deliver your speech with confidence in the content. New York Speech Coaching has helped create memorable moments and weddings, graduations, and more.

Finding a speechwriter with experience means that you have the benefit of years of knowledge. Professional speechwriters know what works and how to work collaboratively with you to craft a message you believe in. New York Speech Coaching’s experts craft speeches that take your authentic voice and enhance the message through storytelling and structure. 

See the bios of our speech writers here.

Why Hire a Speechwriter?

Speechwriters are perfect for anyone looking to craft a more effective message before delivering a presentation or speech to an audience of any size.

Perhaps you’re an expert in your field but haven’t been able to reach your audience in a way that impacts their actions. Maybe you’re delivering a keynote speech and don’t have the time or knowledge to structure a message that breaks through the noise. 

You don’t have to be a mayor of a large city or the CEO of a Fortune 500 Company to benefit from speech writing services (although, we can help them too).

What Does a Speechwriter Cost?

An engagement with a speech writer can start at a few hundred dollars. Pricing for a professional speech writer varies depending on the type and length of the speech. Get the most out of your speech by finding a writer with experience and expertise. Choosing a writer with a diverse background who has written content across industries will give you the confidence that your voice will be heard. 

Email us at for information on pricing and setting up a consultation with one of our speech writers.

From Writing to Delivery

After working with a speechwriter to craft compelling content, New York Speech Coaching can also work with you to deliver a powerful or insightful speech in your authentic voice. The ability to express yourself comfortably and confidently is a skill that can be learned. Whether you want to come across as authoritative or friendly, our team of speech coaches will work with you to find your voice.

Our speech coaches offer individual or group sessions, corporate seminars, and workshops where you find the tools to confidently speak in any environment. Sessions are offered virtually or in-person in New York City.

Our inclusive and nurturing approach to speech training gives you the physical and mental skills to remove the anxiety of public speaking and express yourself confidently. By working with our speechwriters to craft the message, you can now focus on nailing the delivery.

Choose New York Speech Coaching

Ready to get started? We’re ready to help you speak with confidence at your next event or presentation. Find an instructor with years of experience and a speechwriter to craft the message. Contact us today to learn more about our expertise in speechwriting and speech coaching.

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