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Learn to speak with a voice commensurate with the gender with which you identify.

Transgender Speech

One of our goals at New York Speech Coaching is to help clients speak with a voice they feel accurately represents their authentic selves. In the case of transgender individuals, this ever-evolving and deeply personal process will consider both external perception & internal affirmation. Thus, our process is client-led.

We’ll present you with the tools you need to masculinize, feminize, or gender neutralize your voice. Our explorations will cover pitch, resonance, intonation & prosody, body language, breathiness, and other relevant factors. With an eye towards long-term changes, we’ll also make sure you are doing this all in the healthiest manner possible. You will tell us what feels gender-affirming and what doesn't, as together we find a voice that enables you to walk through the world with your most confident gender expression.